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Dxddy Mxck - Marge Simpson (prod. Treetime)

Soflo's native Dxddy Mxck is back with some heat, his latest track "Marge Simpson" takes his usual lyrical flow and ups it to a new level that matched with the beat produced by Treetime ties in well with Mxck's usual style which offers something new, something that puts Mxck in a different light than the rest of his competition. This latest track proves the capability and versatility Mxck has to offer and is a instant favorite.

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$oflo Jeff - Guess Who 

South Florida Artist $oflo Jeff back at it again with recent single "Guess Who", this latest track might seem familiar which might be due to the beat gaining inspiration from well known Fps Call of Duty more specifically their signature Zombie's theme. That mixed in with Jeff's gritty style works well and easily tops anything recent out. All in all "Guess Who" has the innate potential to be one of the best tracks out this spring and is easily a must have in any playlist.

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